Guaranteed delivery times

Relying on La Martinelli also means avoiding unpleasant surprises, as failure to deliver within the estimated dates and all that follows.

rispetto dei tempi di consegna
Customers’ priorities become La Martinelli’s priorities.
To respect deadlines is so important for La Martinelli that its code of ethics contains an article on the need to honor the agreements signed with each customer.

Speedy services

The high professional skills that reflect the brand’s La Martinelli are also a guarantee of punctuality and swiftness, with results that equal or exceed customer expectations.

interventi rapidi
The speed of a professional service depends primarily on the ease of communication with those who provide the service you need. Having no interest in letting its real or potential customers wait, La Martinelli keeps available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm.
Moreover, to complete a project faster than normal, it’s not enough to have a strong sense of duty, but one must know how to manage priorities. La Martinelli can prove a constant efficiency, as well as a great organizational flexibility, and can provide satisfactory solutions even for the most complex services.

Quality guarantee

Those who consult La Martinelli are sure to get what they want: personalized and impeccable services with an excellent price/quality ratio.

Garanzia di qualitĂ 

For publishers, it has never been easy to find an external partner being competent and reliable at the time, just like for other professionals it has never been easy to find readers, authors, editors, reviewers, proofreaders, etc.. But who among them experienced La Martinelli has no more changed of service provider.

La Martinelli offers its experience to carry out its customers’ projects in the best way possible and to provide state-of-the-art and never banal services.


The brand La Martinelli distinguishes language services executed with the typical care of someone who aspires to perfection and performs its work with passion.


The work assigned to La Martinelli – whether it consists in the writing of a text, in translating it, in its revision/proofreading or in any other language service – will always be carried out rigorously and intelligently, with respect to the agreements signed with the customer.


The excellent technical knowledge and the regular refresher training, as well as compliance with a code of ethics that includes an article on protection of information about customers and ongoing projects, make La Martinelli brand synonymous with competence and seriousness.
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A many years experience

Mery Martinelli, who created La Martinelli brand, has been working for many years for some of the most renowned publishing houses in Europe, with whom she has mainly published manuals and multimedia courses to learn foreign languages, as well as bilingual dictionaries.

case editrici
Mery Martinelli lists the works bearing his signature in my publications page.

Bespoke editorial projects, all-inclusive

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Solutions for every requirement

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